When I found out that Russ was on tour for his debut album, There’s Really A Wolf, it gave me all the more reason to go to the states [he will be performing in the dot, but at a festival that I don’t really have much interest in😭]. Thankfully, I got some loyal girls willing to drop a couple of bills to spend a couple of hours in a foreign city: 📍Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.We drove up on Saturday evening and got a bright and early start to our day. The number of times we got lost exceeds the number of fingers that SJ, Mel, & I have… combined!😂Fun fact: Cheska does NOT know how to navigate [even WITH a map] through places and strictly relies on memory.💀🥀
On another note, the number of detours and one way streets in the burgh is unfathomable. We double backed soo many times, that there were instances where we would be better off walking. However, having a car came clutch because transit around the burgh is KEY; there are places to visit, as long as you commute to them. Although it was Pridefest down there, unfortunately, we were unable to witness any type of parade. Another fun fact: on Sundays, there is no charge for street parking.🤗We took full advantage of that and found a spot in the downtown core, near Market Square. Hmm, fun fact #3: Sundays are sacred, and for that reason many places are closed [especially restaurants]. For the foodies in us, this definitely posed a problem. Fortunately, we found Hello Bistro [292 Forbes Ave.] and copped some brunch.😍
SJ had a 🍔 in the 🍔🍔🍔! She ordered an over-easy cheeseburgh for 6.75USD before taxes: burgh x cheddar cheese x bacon x lettuce x tomato x over-easy egg. I ordered a California scrambler sam’ich for 5USD before taxes: sourdough x egg x bacon x avocado x spring mix x tomato x swiss cheese. I got this for the bacon x avocado combination, but was pleasantly surprised to discover how well the sourdough x swiss cheese complimented one another.
Both the egg and the bacon were a likkle over-cooked, but I didn’t mind it too much. & OF COURSE I copped a side of fries [2USD]. These fries are a MUST. They are shoestring, aka suuuper long, and seasoned with salt x pepper. Although there is a likkle too much salt, the fries are crispy and healthy tasting because they were not oily. After brunch, SJ managed to find a route to Mt. Washington.🙏✨We tried visiting this neighbourhood in the AM, but I failed to live up to my responsibilities as shotgun. Thankfully, SJ got our backs & we were blessed to see these views.
BAE WATCH. As we stood on the lookout, we observed yet another thing about the burghs: they have one too many bridges… like 8 bridges to be exact. & that is only off of the ones we could see [there are defffffinitely more because we got lost in a couple earlier in the mawning]. I guess they’re just tryna connect with something.🔌
Jeeez, peep that food baby dō. It was soo hot in the burghs that I could have EASILY sweat it out, but that’s not possible when you hibernate 20/7. L O L Also impossible if you eat allllllll the time. For those of you visiting the burgh dō, you MUST visit the South Side Flats👀& thank us later.😉Not only do they have sweetermans, they have some shops and güd eats! Here we found the Colombian Spot » 2019 E Carson St. in PGH, PA.
Disclaimer: the resto itself was dimly lit, sooo my photos were not A1. Yes. I am V aware of that. Anywho, we all ordered a dish of arepas rellenas [arepas are wheat free, THUS are the go-to for all my friends that cannot//choose not to eat food containing gluten!].😌SJ ordered ropa vieja [10.50USD before tax & tip]: shredded beef stewed in a tomato sauce with green peppers, sweet plantains, and melted mozzarella.
Mel ordered reina pepiada: grilled chicken breast covered with avocado and mayonnaise. Avo & mayo are two of her favourites, next to SJ & I de hello [9.50 USD before tax & tip for the meal].
I ordered arepa mexicana for 9.99USD before tax & tip: roast pork x guac x cheddar cheese x jalapenos. Before all else, huuuge shoutout to Axel for voluntarily helping me find that lighting for a decent picture of my food.☝️LOL, yous a real one! The guac was obviously a crowd pleaser, and the jalapenos were quite refreshing. We all ordered tostones as our sides and they were a1. They were fried HEAVY, but that only made them super crispy to resemble chips [yessss, they even had that crunch to each bite]. They weren’t too salty but, because they were basically chips, the plantain itself was dried out.Now, let me redirect your attention to the MAIN EVENT. The MAIN REASON we pulled the trigger & made this mission. #thewakeuptour!💕Shoutout to Ajmz for introducing me to the boy who cried wolf aka the Yung God: Russ. Words cannot explain how hyped I was for and during his concert. I almost lost my voice. I got enough cardio for the week. I am not even going to edit these pics to match my aesthetic on the gram. SO, BRB while I continue losin’ control…

“The older you get, the more expensive lessons will be” – Russ, I’m Here

“I don’t go to church, but still I hope I reach the masses.”
– Russ, For the Stunt

“It’s easy to pass judgement when you’re comfortable in life,
but desperation breeds a beast; the truth won’t always be polite.”
– Russ, MVP

“There’s more gold in my mind than you can mine in the Earth,
Imagination flying free… my potential’s my worth.”
– Russ, Comin Thru

“Patience tastes bitter, but that after taste is so sweet.”
– Russ, Manifest

& that concludes our 20 hour getaway to the burgh. I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did. For those of you that made it this far – yes, the vlog is coming s[w]oon. SJ & I will be cutting again possibly within the next week or two. Any states you want us to explore?!?🙃Let the kid know in the comments below orrrr, of course, slide in the DMs… juuust make sure that you spell things right before you hit send.😴 


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