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Marshall McLuhan always taught me that “the medium is the message,” so click & connect with me through it.



An original series featuring athletes and the reasons behind their love for sports. 

BTS: passion project

the tropics

In July of 2016, I travelled to the Philippines to visit family and friends. After around 6 years, I returned to a place that I’ve always known to be “foreign.” For almost 3 months, the Philippines has grown on me; I have been blessed with the opportunity to catch up with relatives, create new friendships, and explore the homelands that my parents were raised in. I’ve compiled a bunch of posts which, unlike the gram, I plan to keep. As you delve into my travel diary I hope that you learn more about the history, the culture, and the beauty that the Philippines has to offer! 


the city

Formally known as “xcmtjfksz,” my name is Cheska Sia & I am a Toronto blogger; born and raised, the city has always been my playground. I’ve always had a passion for learning new things and meeting new people, so I’ve been extremely fortunate to call this diverse city my home. From weekly meet-ups to seasonal events, I write for the people; I enjoy engaging with the community, the human race, as much as I possibly can. On boxing day of 2016, I also created a Yelp! account to quickly review some food joints from a non-advanced taste palette; to me, eating is THE easiest and most affordable way to “travel.” I hope that by reading my posts, you will begin to love this city as much as I do!


that new new

ink spots

I’ve been in my bag for the past week, so decided to take a look at what I was doing this time last year😂😭Took BAAARE photos for the gram in the feels that have I’ve been hoarding & it’s about time that I shared some of them with you🙏✨